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Saturday, October 14, 2006

In Search of Greatness

This is in response to a recent post by one of my better friends. So ideally, this should be in the comments section of his post. However, I chose to put it on my blog instead. Part of the reason is that I thought it will get greater visibility as a new post rather than as a comment – though I must say this guy’s blogs get a lot of hits – or so I have been led to believe :p. The other reason is that I can’t seem to hit upon too many ideas for a new post.

Writing an executive summary is something I hate as much as repetition. I suggest you to go read his blog first.

I have myself spent countless nights fretting over the fact that the way I wasting my life, generations to come will hold me guilty for it. Delusions of grandeur – a problem lot of us experience and learn to live with. I won’t say I no longer do the same, however, of late; I have begun to wonder if that is the correct way to go about life.

Here I will take a slight detour – “Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi” is one of my all time favourite Hindi movies. People tend to have strong views for the characters – one way or the other. One of my friends thought the character played by KK was pathetic because he represented that section of born-with-silverspoon-in-mouth losers who are just looking to grope to something so as to give their life a meaning. I do not agree with his judgment, but I have a feeling that the above description is a good fit for the “thought leaders” in our generation, yours truly included.

I have often heard people say how great it would have been to be born before independence – there was so much to do. I myself would want to be in the America of 1960s – the time of Vietnam, the time of psychedelia, the time when music was created like never before and never after. History demands a great price for admission into its annals. And the generations most remembered by it are those which have suffered the most. Indeed, for such generations, being remembered would be a small consolation to the pain they went through.

We must remember that generations find the gems of greatness in the chasm of chaos, sorrow and pain. Our generation has been born into a valley - semi-green, with some glaring brown spots. Turning it into a lush green one is surely a handful task, however, it is not glamourous enough to guarantee a direct entry into history books. Alternatively, we could just stroll about this valley, enjoying a beautiful sunset, a good book, a bottle of fine wine. Either way, some of us will find the stray gems of greatness. For others, life is still worth living.


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Anonymous Abhishek said...

People in great stories never know that they are in one ... i dont think the search for greatness makes u great... neways the point is well brought out ... its like the efficiency curve... the better the era u live in ... the more outstanding u have to perform to truly stand out ... and for people like u (and i think me) maybe instead of trying to be great ...doing what u can do to make life worth living should suffice though may not satisfy the highest level needs of Maslov's hierarchy:)

I think ur previous blog was more fun ( concluded from the number of comments :D)

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