Through the looking glass

Thursday, September 28, 2006

When it comes to drinking tea, I am often overcome with greed. This afternoon, when I decided to make tea for myself, I was looking for the biggest vessel possible, short of the kettle itself. My options were a largish china cup and a larger whiskey glass. I succumbed to the temptation and poured the contents into the pan as per the measurements of the whiskey glass. After the tea boiled, I poured it into the glass. As I touched the glass, I realized why it was not called a tea glass – it was too hot for any human to hold it. About tea, it is said that some like it hot and I belong to this group. I felt like the greedy dog that barked at his own reflection and lost his piece of meat in the process. The problem solver in me rose to the challenge and I begin to think how I could avoid losing my piece of meat. I drew the following decision tree:

The decision tree clearly indicated the path I had to follow. The tea was nice.

Moral 1: Some stories have no morals

Moral 2: Every little convention in the world need not be probed

Moral 3: Decision trees can help you make good money if you are in career where you charge clients per hour